Effortlessly manage your product data with Laravo

Our AI-powered platform normalizes, maps, and distributes your data for seamless integration with top marketplaces and website CMS's.
Brand Data Management

As a manufacturer, easily distribute your product data in a globally standard data format with all your participating retailers. As a retailer, easily connect with participating brands and download their data with Laravo. Using Laravo will reduce the cost of developing and improve the quality of your website features.

Latest and most accurate content flows from the manufacturers to retailers, using a singular accurate source of data. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Laravo's AI-powered product data management solution.

Smart Content Creator

Use Smart Content Creator to automate the process of creating unique product titles, descriptions, and meta information for each product, unique to each each authorized retailer. Create engaging content for 1,000s of products in a few minutes.

POS & ERP Mapping

Normalize and map your product information from your POS or ERP system to any website platform and marketplace with ease. Our advanced algorithms automate the process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
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Advanced Features
Data Flow Automation
Automate the process of data mapping and normalization according to your desired frequency. Whether it is a simple stock availability update or the entire new product line, Data Flow Automation makes this process easy and automatic.
GTIN and UPC Management
Use LARAVO to generate Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) and UPC, automatically assign product details, and submit to GS1US data repository. All marketplaces, including Amazon and Google require GTIN to be able to successfully list your products.
Data Grouping and Distribution
Seamlessly distribute relevant data to your different retailer groups with Laravo. Whether it's for "Elite" or "Couture" retailers, or US and Canada, our platform allows you to share the right information with the right audience.
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